nude demon

by lube

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5 songs in a branded leather pouch.
email lubesemailaddress at gmail dot com to get one.

lube is andrew rizzo and garrett


released July 18, 2011



all rights reserved


lube Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: doing drugs with dad
i cant stop doing drugs with dad
Track Name: building bombs with mom
building bombs with mom after huffing glue she dont like the T either building bombs with mom shes so proud of me i know my way around tnt she made my pancakes with gun powder i thought it tasted fine she served cough syrup out of bullet shells aint no mom like mine boom boom and youre dead yeah
Track Name: smooth
grab a knife stick it in my head now im brain dead just like you said id take it out but i cant move should have seen it, went in so smooth
Track Name: unscratchable itch
you make me feel like an animal you make me wanna smash my head you make me wanna drive my car right into a wall you make me feel like an animal you make me wanna grab a box of nails and do some real strange shit you make me wanna run my fingers right through your hair so i can feel your body heat i like the smell of your sweat lets see how close i can get you make me feel like a total creep follow you home so i can watch you sleep
Track Name: lice
youve got it set up and you got me tied up and im shit out of luck cuz youre crunching my head got my head in a vice and youre eating my lice and you didnt think twice when youre crunching my head you twist the clamp and my heads getting damp and the bloods dripping down when youre crunching my head you dont answer what i ask and youre wearing a mask and i can hear you laugh when youre crunching my head